Before the wood chippers leave our factory, each machine undergoes extensive quality control separately. The warranty certificate is attached to the machine and has a unique number.

We do everything in our power to meet the highest quality and safety requirements. If, despite quality control, defects still occur in the material or construction, the machine is eligible for warranty.

We handle a warranty period of 6 months for professional use and a period of 2 years for private use. Transport damage, damage due to improper use and wear parts are excluded. Warranty is handled according to the European Directive 1999/44/EC.

Why GTM Professional

The wood chippers from GTM Professional excel in price-quality ratio. The entire production process is in-house, from development to production. As a result, we have complete control over the quality of our machines, keeping the lines short and the prices low.

Our family business has a great passion for green maintenance and has gained much experience and knowledge in this sector over the past 100 years. Thanks to the continuous innovation in our Research & Development Centre, the machines are developed according to the latest techniques and safety standards. We put our wood chippers to the test thoroughly, so that you can work safely and comfortably.

Ready to use

Our wood chippers are spread all over the world and are carefully packed.

When the wood chipper arrives at our dealer, they can assemble the machine for you, make it ready for use and deliver it. With that you are completely unburdened and you can get started right away! Ask your nearest dealer about the options. Of course you can also choose to pick up the machine yourself.

GTM Professional also supplies various accessories for the wood chippers and all parts are available separately for a long service life and a sustainable investment.